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This section reflects some of the questions that we get asked most regularly about DAB digital radio. We've designed the website to be a comprehensive source of information, but if you're looking for a quick answer to a specific question, we hope you'll find it listed below.

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  • Are DAB digital radios easy to use and tune into stations?

    Yes. Often they are easier than traditional analogue radios, because there’s usually no need to remember frequencies. With a DAB digital radio, there’s no twiddling dials to get the best reception. If your digital radio can pick a station up, it will be tuned in - perfectly - and to listen, all you need to do is push a button to select it.

  • What information can my DAB digital radio display?

    As well as time, date, frequency and basic technical information your radio can display almost anything that a radio station chooses to broadcast.

    Most stations include text based programming info - such as music artists and tracks being played, news headlines, sports results and so on. A small number of stations broadcast pictures (eg album cover images), but not all radios are able to display this.

    To see the info your radio can show – press the ‘Info/Display’ button on your radio a couple times.

  • Where can I get schedules for DAB digital radio station programmes?

    Information about some stations is published in national newspapers and the Radio Times. Alternatively, our station section includes web links to the national commercial stations where schedules are displayed. Better still, you can buy DAB digital radios that display an EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) - meaning the radio can show you programme information at the touch of a button.

  • Where can I find information about DAB digital radio frequencies?

    Most DAB digital radios automatically scan and store the stations that are available, so you shouldn't really need to use the manual tune. In most cases, the manufacturers include that facility for consumers living on the very edge of a coverage area, in case they wish to manually tune whilst trying to position an external aerial.

    Entering your postcode in our coverage checker will give you a list of the stations that are available in your area.

    Should you require further information about licensed areas for DAB digital radio, the regulator, Ofcom, should be able to help you on 020 7981 3040 or visit their website.

  • Can I listen to UK stations abroad?

    Unfortunately your digital radio will not be able to receive UK stations abroad. DAB digital radio uses land-based transmission and so signals from the UK do not reach other countries. UK stations are also licensed to broadcast on DAB digital radio in the UK only and therefore not able to broadcast abroad.

  • Why are some stations broadcast in stereo and others in mono?

    This is a very significant and difficult decision for stations to make. They need to consider a wide range of different issues, as well as balance the financial aspect (as capacity for a stereo channel costs more than a mono channel). Supply and demand is also a key factor - some popular multiplexes simply don't have room for all of their stations to be broadcast in stereo.
    Read more in our mono or stereo article.

  • What is DAB+?

    DAB+ is digital radio that’s broadcast using a new coding technology. It’s a more efficient way of using the space available on digital radio multiplexes, allowing more stations to broadcast. Unfortunately not all products can receive DAB+, but at the moment there are only three DAB+ stations available. Most digital radios bought in the UK since 2012 should get these stations, but check your user manual if you’re not sure.

  • What is Sound Digital?

    Sound Digital is the name of the new national commercial digital radio network that started broadcasting in March 2016. It reaches roughly 75% of the UK population, and over time will carry 18 new national stations. You will probably need to retune your digital radio in order to receive it. Read more about Sound Digital.

  • What’s happened to BFBS Radio?

    BFBS Radio broadcast nationally on the Digital One network until mid March 2017. At that point, the station decided not to renew its contract for carriage on DAB digital radio. You can still listen to BFBS Radio online, on Sky and Freesat.

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