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This section reflects some of the questions that we get asked most regularly about DAB digital radio. We've designed the website to be a comprehensive source of information, but if you're looking for a quick answer to a specific question, we hope you'll find it listed below.

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  • Are DAB digital radios easy to use and tune into stations?

    Yes. Often they are easier than traditional analogue radios, because there’s usually no need to remember frequencies. With a DAB digital radio, there’s no twiddling dials to get the best reception. If your digital radio can pick a station up, it will be tuned in - perfectly - and to listen, all you need to do is push a button to select it.

  • How do I retune my digital radio?

    The process varies slightly from one radio to the next, but often it’s as simple as pressing a button called something like Autotune, Auto Tune, Scan or Store/Search, then waiting for a minute or so. Your radio’s manual should have details telling you how to retune. Read more in our retune article.

  • What extra features does digital radio offer?

    A DAB digital radio offers digital quality sound, easy tuning (by station name not frequency) and a huge choice of stations.

    On-screen information can tell you what you are listening to, what's coming next, or give you contact details or competition information. Some digital radios also offer additional functionality - the ability to pause, rewind and record live radio.

    For more information about our favourite radios please see our products section.

  • Why is there a time delay between digital radio and analogue radio?

    Digital broadcasts lag behind those on FM because the processes used in sending information are different. Some stations such as Classic FM have made a special effort to delay their analogue signal to make any time delay less noticeable.

    There is also a difference between some digital radios - some take longer to process the signal, particularly those that can rewind.

  • Can I get a DAB digital radio with a CD player?

    For a selection of CD player DAB digital radios that are on the market click here.

    Otherwise, just stroll down to your local DAB digital radio retailer to see (and in some cases, sample) some of the DAB digital radio systems that come with a CD player.

  • Will I need a new aerial?

    Most DAB digital radios come with an aerial, but it's wise to check before you buy.

    Handheld digital radios usually feature either a standard telescopic aerial or the aerial will be built-in to the headphones.

    In-home digital radios usually feature a telescopic or wire aerial - if you live within the coverage aera then this is usually sufficent to pick up a signal. If you are receiving a clear signal then there's no need to install an external aerial.

    In-car receivers usually come with a whip aerial (which is in addition to any FM/AM aerial you may need).

  • How can I get better reception on my handheld DAB digital radio?

    Generally, handheld DAB digital radios require a more robust signal to perform as well as an in-home receiver.

    Getting good reception on small personal products can still be a challenge as this type of product often has the aerial hidden inside the headphone cable. As such, the products often need a strong signal in order for them to work reliably.

    Keeping the headphone wire untangled, fully extended and holding it slightly away from your body helps the aerial in the headphone cable and can help improve your reception.

  • What information can my DAB digital radio display?

    As well as time, date, frequency and basic technical information your radio can display almost anything that a radio station chooses to broadcast.

    Most stations include text based programming info - such as music artists and tracks being played, news headlines, sports results and so on. A small number of stations broadcast pictures (eg album cover images), but not all radios are able to display this.

    To see the info your radio can show – press the ‘Info/Display’ button on your radio a couple times.

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