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Positive Karma

article date: Friday, February 25, 2011

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Across the country, digital radio listeners and enthusiasts have recently made a positive identification of a new channel, called Karma, that has appeared on the national commercial DAB digital radio network. This has quickly led to all sorts of rumours, questions and wonderings about whether a new station might soon be launched...

Glyn Jones, Operations Director of Digital One explains ‘Over time we’ve got bored of calling our test transmissions ‘D1 Test A’ and so on. And in the past year, we’ve started using a variety of different names instead’. The eagle-eyed among you may remember seeing other test channels such as Velvet and Muscles.

Glyn continues: ‘We’re not saying any more about Karma, such as how long it will stay on air or if it will turn into a radio station at some point. Ultimately it is just a test transmission’.

Not all DAB digital radios automatically update their station lists. So Glyn suggests: ‘If anyone can’t see Karma when they flick through their dial, they should try tuning into Planet Rock and then seeing if Karma has appeared in the list of stations. Otherwise they could do a rescan/retune’.

The speculation about Karma has also extended to people asking if the famous Birdsong might reappear on the network. Used as a test transmission in previous years, its relaxing sound scape of rural England and country birds led to numerous listeners complaining when the channel was removed. Commenting on the former popularity of Birdsong, Glyn adds ‘We recognise that Karma will never attract the same sort of international media and news attention as Birdsong, but we quite like the fact that our test transmissions are talked about – even if the interest is mainly from a small group of crossword enthusiasts. That said, we’re not seeking too much publicity for Karma. Our network carries a dozen radio stations and we’d much rather that they made the headlines’.

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