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Birdsong falls silent

article date: Friday, May 29, 2009

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Glyn Jones, Acting Chief Executive of Digital One has expressed regret at the closure of the company’s world-famous Birdsong Channel on Sunday night. “When the channel went on air, back in January 2008, we warned that the transmission could cease at any time. There’s never going to be a good time to pull the plug on what some regard as a national treasure, but we’re hoping that at this time of year many people will find an alternative simply by opening a window or taking a walk in the park or countryside.”

Listeners who are not able to access performances by live birds can click here
to listen to the Birdsong, which will continue online at least until the autumn of 2009. The recording was previously used in 1992 as the part of the test transmissions for Britain’s most listened to commercial radio station, Classic FM.

“Birdsong has been more popular with journalists than real listeners”, Glyn Jones added. Stories about the station have appeared in most of the UK’s national newspapers but also on television, radio and in papers around the world. “Many journalists have suggested that as many as half a million people listen to Birdsong each week. But sadly, there’s no evidence for that as the channel's audience has never been measured. But it’s been a lovely story on slow news days and loads of fun.”

More information about the Birdsong Channel is available at the Radio Birdsong website.

Digital One is not prepared to comment on a suggestion that the sound of a shotgun was heard on the channel shortly before Birdsong closed down at 23:59:59 on the 31 May 2009. The company is also not commenting about pressure from online petitions for Birdsong Radio to be restored.

Amazing Radio launched on Digital One a few seconds after the birds fell silent.

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