DAB Digital Radio Logo Licence

'DAB Digital Radio' Trademarks
'DAB Digital Radio' Trademarks
This letter confirms that you (the above mentioned company) are authorised to use, on a non-exclusive basis, Digital One's 'DAB Digital Radio' and 'Digital Radio' Trademarks (based on the 'r' mark which is itself a registered trademark), in accordance with the Conditions, on your DAB digital radio (the "Product") sold in the UK and EU and on associated marketing materials.

The Conditions are contained in this letter and in the "The Industry's DAB Digital Radio logo" document. This letter outlines what you need to do and must not do. The other document gives guidelines for using the Trademarks that aim to help you to use them correctly. This document can be found at www.ukdigitalradio.com/logo. If you use the Digital One Trademarks then you must observe the Conditions.

Our Trademarks are very important to us and we have to reserve the right to terminate our permission to your use of them if you do not comply with the Conditions (which would be a breach of this licence and an infringement of our trademark rights). You are not permitted to sub-licence the Digital One Trademarks and if you do so we will terminate your licence. If you become aware of any unauthorised 3rd party use of the Trademarks you must tell us. Additionally, all information you receive from 3rd parties relating to your use of the Trademarks must be passed to us.

You are not permitted to do anything that might support an application to remove any of the Trademarks from the Register of Trademarks or prevent them from being registered. You are not permitted to register any mark similar to the Trademarks or use in your business any trademark that so nearly resembles any of the Trademarks that it may cause confusion or infringe any of our intellectual property rights. You must not use the Trademarks as a generic term, do anything that might bring any of them into disrepute or which might damage the goodwill and reputation we have build up in them. Finally, you must not make any statements to third parties about the Trademarks without our permission.

We are providing you with a licence to use the Digital One Trade Marks in return for a royalty payment, however as a goodwill gesture we agree to waive this royalty fee for all products manufactured by 15th November 2017. If you choose to continue using the Digital One Trademarks after this initial period, we reserve the right to charge a royalty fee for each product manufactured after that date unless we agree other terms in writing. Digital One reserves the right to review the terms of the licence at this point. We may require production samples of your product to be submitted to Digital One for testing as condition of approval for use of the Digital One Trademarks on the Product.

By using the Digital One Trademarks in any way you signify acceptance of the Conditions without any qualification.

Once you have signed and returned this letter you will be allowed to start using the Trademarks on your products and communications and marketing material. Artwork versions of the Trademarks are available electronically from www.ukdigitalradio.com/logo.