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Digital radio brings a host of opportunities for radio stations to expand and enhance brands and programming. For the first time ever digital radio creates a level playing field for Commercial Radio and the BBC. It's an unprecedented opportunity, but it requires people in Commercial Radio to think and act in unprecedented ways.

Broadcasting digitally offers improvements in sound quality - particularly for those stations which up until now have only had access to AM transmission. This allows producers and programmers to use different sounds and styles of audio that do not work on AM.

Text streams and data services bring a multimedia aspect to radio broadcasting that offers a wealth of opportunities to broadcasters. Digital radio screens can already be used to provide information such as track listings, news headlines, advertising and promotional messages - all enhancing the audio content, without using up valuable minutage.

And with the introduction of larger screens on digital radios and more PC-style products, a stand-alone data service for radio stations will become a reality. Digital radio stations can target their listeners with constantly updating web-style content that links into the programme currently on-air. It's the ultimate paradox - pictures on radio!

Educating listeners about DAB digital radio is of vital importance. There are many on-going initiatives throughout the Commercial Radio industry to raise awareness levels and ensure a clear and consistent message. If you would like to find out more, please contact Digital Radio UK.

If you are a broadcaster who would like to discuss a transmission contract on the national commercial network, then please click here.

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