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Top Tips

Most digital radio listeners have no trouble picking up a signal.

But a few people who live at the edge of the coverage area have written to us with their top tips for getting the best from a DAB digital radio in areas that aren't officially covered.

Follow their advice for trouble-free listening.

Fiddle with the aerial

Telescopic aerials should be fully extended, but sometimes adjusting them to a different length may help.

Avoid scrunching up wire aerials, including those built into headphone leads.

Science says digital radio aerials should point straight up, but it's worth experimenting with different angles.

Cartoon - Hold it there the signals perfect

Put it higher up

Rather than put your radio on a coffee table, place it on a shelf or bookcase at a greater height in the room.

Any height increase will improve your chance of getting a signal.

Move it to the left

…or to the right. Even just moving the radio by an arm's length, may make the difference between an unsatisfactory signal and a clear one.

Put it on a window sill

The closer you get to a window, the easier it is for your radio to find a signal.

Windows and window sills get you closest to the radio waves outside, giving you the best reception opportunity.

Try it in another room and rescan

Take your radio into a different room (ideally upstairs, near a window) and do a rescan/auto-tune there.

Once you've acquired a signal, you may be able to keep it when you move your radio back to where you ideally want it.

Cartoon - 'Yes it's pricey at £1m, but the digital radio coverage is great' - 'We'll take it!'

Think about an external aerial

Some digital radios have a removable aerial, allowing you to connect to a more powerful loft or roof-mounted aerial.

If in doubt, take your radio to an electrical component shop or speak to an aerial installer.

Move house!

Probably the last resort, but radio enthusiasts go to extraordinary lengths.

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