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The Basics

What is DAB Digital Radio?

It's a better way of listening to radio - bringing you a whole new world of benefits.

An explosion in listening choice

On DAB digital radio you can listen to national commercial stations, BBC national stations and a whole raft of local stations. Some of them are analogue favourites, others are new to your radio. Either way, you'll enjoy a diverse mixture of listening, including stations dedicated to classic rock, musical decades, chart hits and a range of other stations to suit your mood.

Clearly digital sound quality

Say goodbye to analogue hiss and crackle, DAB digital radio brings you much less interference and a massive sound quality upgrade for AM stations.

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The end of confusing frequencies

Forget about remembering frequency numbers, a DAB digital radio displays the stations by name. That gives you the confidence to explore the airwaves and change stations at the touch of a button.

Brand new features

Digital radios have screens showing you more information about what you're listening to. Whether you're looking for the title and artist of the song, the news headlines, or the latest sports results, check the screen to see if it's there.

Control of your listening

Certain digital radios now include the ability for you to pause and rewind live radio - so you can answer the phone, then listen to the end of that feature. Others let you set a timer to record a specific programme at a specific time. Both options give you flexibility and put you in control of your listening. For more details see our product section.

Where can I listen?

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National DAB digital radio networks already cover most major towns and hundreds of miles of motorways and major roads.

Both Digital One and the BBC currently reach more than 9 out of 10 people in Britain with their national transmitter networks. Further coverage expansion is still ongoing.

A variety of local digital radio networks are also on air, meaning you can usually listen to your favourite local stations on DAB digital radio as well.

To find out which stations you can receive, simply use our postcode checker.

How can I listen?

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In the same way digital TV demanded new equipment, digital radio is only available if you buy the right kit.

But buying a digital radio is a one-off cost. There are no subscriptions, no rental fees and no broadband cost. Itís all absolutely free.

Only receivers that carry one of these logos are smart enough to decode digital radio signals.

Logo: Dgital One & DAB

For more details on the wide range of products available, have a look in our products section.

Where can I buy?

As the range of DAB digital radios has grown to include battery and mains portables, handheld units, boomboxes, hi-fis and even products with rewind and record features, more and more retailers are stocking and selling them.

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You can now buy DAB digital radios at independent hi-fi shops, most major electrical retailers, department stores, catalogue chains and even some supermarkets!

You can also buy a digital radio from many online retailers. However, because you canít examine the product so closely before you buy, check carefully that you know what youíre buying and read the siteís terms and conditions. Visit our Where to buy page for more help on shopping.

Postcode Checker
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