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This section reflects some of the questions that we get asked most regularly about DAB digital radio. We've designed the website to be a comprehensive source of information, but if you're looking for a quick answer to a specific question, we hope you'll find it listed below.

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  • What is DAB+?

    DAB+ is digital radio thatís broadcast using a new coding technology. Itís a more efficient way of using the space available on digital radio multiplexes, allowing more stations to broadcast. Unfortunately not all products can receive DAB+, but at the moment there are only three DAB+ stations available. Most digital radios bought in the UK since 2012 should get these stations, but check your user manual if youíre not sure.

  • What types of DAB digital radios are there?

    Digital radios come in all forms, shapes and sizes. DAB digital radios can now be found as mains only radios (they have to be plugged in), battery and mains radios, handheld radios, clock radios, radios with CD, pause/rewind radios, hi-fi tuners and hi-fi systems and car radios. Click here to find out more.

  • What is Sound Digital?

    Sound Digital is the name of the new national commercial digital radio network that started broadcasting in March 2016. It reaches roughly 75% of the UK population, and over time will carry 18 new national stations. You will probably need to retune your digital radio in order to receive it. Read more about Sound Digital.

  • How do I retune my digital radio?

    The process varies slightly from one radio to the next, but often itís as simple as pressing a button called something like Autotune, Auto Tune, Scan or Store/Search, then waiting for a minute or so. Your radioís manual should have details telling you how to retune. Read more in our retune article.

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